After 15 years in an industrial environment, photography is what I do now.
 I like taking pictures. Specializing in documentary work and in art photography.
 Born and raised in Belgium, I travelled the world.
 It is Singapore from where I span my activities across all Asia.


-Ad Infinitum series at Palazzo Mora – Venice 2017 ( ‘Personal Structures’ exhibition from may till nov 2017)
-Ad Infinitum series at Jaipur Photo Festival (India)


-Shortlisted for exhibition Athens Photography Festival (China Cityscape images)
-Book ‘House Full of Gold’ nominated for Photobook Dummy Award At Les Rencontres de la Photographie Arles 2016 (France)


-Ad Infinitum at book exhibition Athens Photography Festival (Greece)
-Fortune Market featured in Volkskrant (The Netherlands)
-Ad infinitum featured in De Standaard (Belgium)


-Ad Infinitum book at 5 th Annual Photobook  Exhibition Davis Orton Gallery & Griffin Museum of Photography (USA)
-Fortune Market at BredaPhoto International Photo Festival 2014 (the Netherlands)
-Ad Infinitum images at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2014  (Denmark).
-Ad Infinitum book selected for the PDN Photo Annual 2014 (USA)
-International Street Photography Awards exhibition (China images) ISPA, London (UK)
-PX3 Blue: honorable mention (HK Blue image)
-Ad Infinitum book review by Adam bell on Photo-Eye (USA)
-Ad Infinitum book review on Lensculture (France)
-Ad Infinitum featured on Huffington Post (USA)

-Ad Infinitum featured in GUP Magazine (the Netherlands)
-Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards : Ad Infinitum book shortlisted for the First Photobook Award
-Art of Photography (San Diego, USA):group exhibition curated by Julia Dolan (curator of photography Portlaand Art Museum). With The Fortune Tellers series.
-International Photography Awards (USA): honorable mentions in Portrait Culture with The Fortune Tellers
-Art of Photography (San Diego, USA):group exhibition curated by Anne Lyden (ass. curator of photography J.Paul Getty Museum L.A.)
-Daylight-CDS Awards (USA) : juror’s pick Stacey Clarkson (Harper’s Magazine)
-International Photography Awards (USA): honorable mentions in Portrait and in Cityscapes
-International Photography Festival Singapore: Biennale – group exhibition
-International Photography Awards 2010 (USA) : honorable mentions in Architecture and Portrait
-’China in Antwerp’ – Europalia China (Belgium): 
group photography exhibition
-’City-scapes China’
– Fondation Biermans-Lapotre (Paris): individual photography exhibition
-’City-scapes China’
– Antwerp (Belgium): 
individual photography exhibition
-PX3 Prix de la Photographie (Paris): honorable mention (fine art category)
-’Changing China’
– The Zoom Gallery , Silken Brussels (Belgium): 
individual photography exhibition
-International Photography Awards 2006 (USA): third place (Nature) ; honorable mentions in People Lifestyle, Architecture Interiors and in Architecture Bridges
-International Photography Awards 2005 (USA): first place (Nature Trees); Honorable mentions in Advertising Food and in People Culture
-‘It’s Belgian, it’s in HK, but did you know?’ Central Plaza (Hong Kong): 
individual photography exhibition; part of Best of Belgium festival.
-‘Lost in Transition’ – The Economist Gallery – Fringe Club (Hong Kong): 
individual photography exhibition – Uyghurs of Xinjiang.
-‘Latin Gaze’ – Hong Kong Cultural Center (HK) : 
individual photography exhibition
-‘Entre Sol’ – Antwerp (Belgium): 
group exhibition
- photography at the Academy of Fine Arts
 Antwerp Belgium.